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If you’re new to DIYing, but want to add some serious pop to your outfit, appliques might be the way to go! They are easy to use, and each piece packs a lot of personality.

At M&J Trimming we have an applique for every occasion. If you want to rock the hippie chic look, try our Grouse Feather Patch or our Bullion Beaded Applique. Looking for a more elegant approach? Deck out your evening wear with our rhinestone and sequin motifs like the Rhinestone Beaded Butterfly Applique or the Pastel Beaded Sequin Flower Applique. Need some patches to make your backpack or jacket 90’s chic? Our Bullion Crest Anchor, Sport Club Crest and Crown Bullion Crest are the picks for you!   

From embroidered to beaded, we have an applique to fit your needs and style. Each applique is easily applied with either an iron or needle and thread, so novice DIYers need not be afraid! These pieces are great a number of items. You can add a rhinestone applique to a clutch or a gown. The beaded appliques look great on attire. Check out the Silver Sun Disc Beaded Appliqués!

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