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Montana Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones

Montana Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones

Style No : Montana Flatback

The Swarovski XIRIUS Rose Flatback Rhinestone in Montana picks up a multitude of blue tones. These rhinestones are made with a silver foil backing, thus creating a perfect shining finish. The Swarovski Flatback rhinestone comes in an abundance of sizes and shapes. The SS16 and SS20 are the most popular sizes for the Swarovski Xirius Rose Flatback Rhinestone.
Rhinestone Size Chart (Must print chart for actual size)
To attach these rhinestones onto the desired area, try using our adhesives.

Product Name Price Qty
SS9 (2.5mm) Montana - 10 Gross (1440 pieces)
SS12 (3.2mm) Montana - 72 piece package
SS12 (3mm) Montana - 10 Gross (1440 pieces)
SS16 (4mm) Montana - 60 piece package
SS16 (4mm) Montana - 10 Gross (1440 pieces)
SS20 (4.8mm) Montana - 60 piece package
SS20 (4.8mm) Montana - 10 Gross (1440 pieces)
SS30 (6.5mm) Montana - 2 Gross (288 pieces)
SS34 (7mm) Montana - 1 Gross (144 pieces)
SS40 (8.5mm) Montana - 1 Gross (144 pieces)

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