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Velvet Ribbons

Velvet ribbons are among our favorite ribbons here at M&J Trimming. The plush and soft texture and rich colorful luster of the velvet ribbon makes it a wonderful material to work with on projects that range across crafts to high-end fashion. A popular trim among M&J shoppers, our assortment of velvet ribbons includes single face and double face styles, crushed velvet patterns, and velvety ric rac in a full spectrum of colors for every season.

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  1. 9MM NEEDLE CORD VELVET RIBBON#$#$#undefined
  2. 23mm Crushed Velvet Ribbon
  3. 16mm Crushed Velvet Ribbon
  4. 5MM DOUBLE FACE VELVET RIBBON#$#$#undefined
  5. 50MM IMPORTED VELVET RIBBON#$#$#undefined