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Floral Trims

Welcome to our Floral Shop!  At M&J Trimming, we offer an arrary of accessories and trimmings with floral motifs and designs. Many of our customers enjoy our vast selection of ribbons, jacquards, flower pins, appliques, cameos, iron on trims, and buttons that feature these flowery designs. These trims are perfect for adding some color as well as a spring and summer feel to your projects and garments.

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  1. Daisy Rhinestone Button
    Colors Available: 3
  2. Rhinestone Flower Button
    Colors Available: 1
  3. Large Jewel Rhinestone Button
  4. Turquoise Moonstone Button
    Colors Available: 1
  5. Moonstone Button
    Colors Available: 5
  6. Five Petal Rhinestone Flower Button