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Promo Alert: 2 Day Swarovski Rhinestone Sale Starts Now!

Our 2 Day Online Rhinestone Sale is back!

Rhinestone Sale

This Rhinestone Sale ends September 25th, 2013 at 11:59pm EST or while supplies last. Discount is valid only on Swarovski hotfix and Swarovski flatback rhinestones in orders containing 10 or more packs of any size of Swarovski hotfixes or Swarovski flatbacks. Packs can be mixed and matched between hoftixes and flatbacks of any color, size or package size (small pack, 1 gross, 10 gross, etc).

Rhinestone Lucite Bag DIY

We’ve been eyeing the Lucite bags on the runway in Valentino’s and Marc Jacobs’s 2013 collection and have been wanting to try our hand at a DIY influenced by this trend. We gave our bag a mini face-lift and couldn’t be happier with the results. We spiced up our pink lucite bag with swarovski flatback rhinestones and couldn’t wait to show off this easy and affordable DIY.


ClearBag 1


DSC_0570Forever 21 Pink Lucite Bag

Brisk-Set Rhinestone Setter

SS48 Tiffany Settings-Nickel Regular Legs

Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones- Crystal AB SS48


Place your Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones- Crystal AB SS48 face down in the Brisk-Set Rhinestone Setter. The pointed side of the stone will be faced down revealing the silver back.


Hold your bag in a way that allows you to put the Brisk-Set Rhinestone Setter inside. Place a SS48 Tiffany Setting with the prongs facing down over your plastic bag. Make sure the SS48 Tiffany Setting matches the hole in the Brisk-Set Rhinestone Setter .

DSC_0575Press down on your Brisk-Set Rhinestone Setter for the rhinestone to set.


For harder to reach areas you may want to manually place each of the crystals into place. The first thing you’ll want to do is push your Tiffany Settings through the bag from the interior side.


Once the settings are locked into place, place your crystal in the backing. It may help to angle your bag in a way that allows the stone to comfortably sit into place.

DSC_0581In order to secure the crystal fold the metal legs so they appear to be clasping the crystal. Add as many crystals as you desire in order to achieve the perfect bag.

Lucite Bag DIY

Don’t forget today is the last day of our 2 Day Sale!


Rhinestones on the Runway

Many designers use rhinestones to enhance pieces within their collection. Some designers add a few stones here and there while others create works of art. Judith Leiber is one designer who has made a name for herself for her innovative use of crystals and rhinestones. Her initial bag created due to a shipping error which left many of her bags damaged. Rather than throwing the bags away, Judith began decorating them with a variety of small crystals. Ms. Leiber’s creative instincts may have inspired some of the runway looks we see today. Here are some of our favorite rhinestone-enhanced looks from the runway.

Judith LeiberJudith Lieber minaudiere

the blonds 1The Blonds

McQueen MaskAlexander McQueen

the blonds 2The Blonds

Milan Fashion WeekFrancesco Scognamiglio

DIY Rhinestone Collar Necklace


We were completely inspired to create a necklace with our Swarovski crystals over the weekend.  Because we are obsessed with collars again this season, we decided to create a rhinestone collar necklace!  It was a lot of fun to create and the way it sparkles on sunny, snowy days makes us even happier!


2 size packs of Swarovski flatback rhinestones

1 size pack of Swarovski sew-on rhinestones

2 rhinestone buttons

1 ft. of ribbon

2 ft. of chain


Jump ring

Gem glue

Matching thread & needle



1.  Cut out two triangular pieces of ribbon.


2.  Sew on a few rhinestones and one button onto one cutout.


3.  Glue some of your rhinestone flatbacks onto your cutout.  Use your smaller rhinestones to fill in the gaps.


4.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 on your other triangular cutout and let both dry for an hour.


5.  Glue and sew your triangles together at one point.


6.   Cut your chain into two equal pieces.


7.  Open your jump ring and slip your clasp onto it, as depicted.  Then, slip one end of one chain onto the jump ring and close it.


8.  Sew the last link of this chain onto the outside corner of your collar.  Repeat using your other chain and the opposite corner of your collar.


9.  Now you’ve got a beautiful rhinestone collar necklace to add to your jewelry collection!



Swarovski Rhinestone Center


Do you like all things glits and glam? How about shinny and new?  Then you’ll definitely like our newly updated Swarovski Rhinestone center.  In this center you’ll find all of our Swarovski crystal merchandise as well as rhinestone related merchandise such as the rhinestone kits. 


Free Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Catalog


M&J Trimming would like to introduce you to our new Swarovski Crystals Rhinestone Catalog.  This catalog includes our entire updated colors of Swarovski rhinetones  It also includes our collection of the newest sew-on jewels, most popular rhinestone fringe, easy to use iron-on rhinestone appliques, and supplies.  This catalog is free.  All you have to do is provide us with a shipping address and you’ll receive your free catalog within five to ten business days. 

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Dressing Up Your Little Black Shoe

By Milton

Rhinestone encrusted shoes are still running strong, ladies. This season the trend has graduated from decorating the tips of simple flats and moved on to high heels. The real deal is off the charts in affordability for most of you and the less expensive versions of this fashion movement are likely to be stocked with plastic jewels. And yes, you can tell the difference.

If you want the look without the price tag, it¹s only a few steps away, no pun intended. All you need is a simple pair of heels and Swarovski sew-on or flat-back jewels in the color or colors of your choice.

I created an example using Swarovski Sew-on jewels from their new line of cosmic colors. You are sure to turn some heads when your heel-clad feet are reflecting the city lights at night.

Some other alternatives are glass sew-on jewels. They’ll also give your heels a little glamor.