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DIY Spiked Shoulder Bag


A studded handbag is exactly what we’ve been looking for to add to our closets.  When we received tons of new spikes, we knew it was time to DIY one of our own.  Inspired by Christian Louboutin’s Artemis spiked shoulder bag, we love the final look of our bag – it’s tough and chic!




Assortment of spikes (we used 2 packs of our new Curved Spikes and one 1 pack of our small Metal Spikes)

Leather Punch

1 foot of Leather Tape

1.5 yards of Chain



Pliers (not shown)

1.  Cut a piece of leather tape that drapes right over your shoulder.  Starting from the middle of the tape, add about 5 marks for where you will add spikes.


2.  Use your leather punch to add holes at your marks.


3.  Add your screws from the back of the tape and screw your curved spikes on the top.


4.  Add a few more holes and spikes on the the outside of these, as depicted.


5.  Once you’ve added enough curved spikes, make a few smaller holes to place your small metal spikes towards the ends of the leather tape.


6.  Place the spiked leather piece on your shoulder and measure the amount of chain it will take to reach from the bottom of the spiked piece to the top of the bag.  Cut out two equal pieces of chain using a pliers.8

7.  Make a large hole with your leather punch close to the end of your leather piece.  Open one end of your chain, slip it through the hole, and close it with your pliers.9

8.  Remove the handles off of your bag and create two large holes on side of the bag towards the top, as depicted.

9.  Open the other end of the chain, slip it through the holes (from the outside of the bag), and close it with your pliers.


10.  Repeat steps 8 & 9 with your second chain on the other side of your bag.


And there you have it…you’ve created an amazing spiked leather bag!  Tag us on Twitter or Instagram if you make one of your own!

DIY Inspiration: Studded Handbag

Studded handbags have been a major outfit staple since the Olsens rocked the Alexander Wang Rocco bag a few years ago.  It’s an easy way to update a casual outfit, which is why we are totally infatuated them!  Studs, spikes, nailheads – we love them all, especially when we spot a bag studded or spiked in a way we’ve never seen before.  We are definitely inspired to create our own version!