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Top 5 Music Festival Fashion DIYs

Coachella is quickly approaching and many other festivals are not far along. Even though most people attend these festivals for the music and entertainment factor there is an abundance of style not to be missed. Whether you’re in a neon suit, bikini top or rocking a floral headband you won’t go unnoticed. These festivals bring some of the most stylish people together. While packing for these trips take note that your fashion choices are endless as well as your DIY opportunities. Here are some of our favorite music festival DIYs. We’re loving all of these looks and can’t wait to try them out! 
Matter of Style
Matter of Style

Chain HeadbandLove Maegan

A Pair and a SpareA Pair and a Spare

Runway DIYRunway DIY

Say Yes to HobokenSay yes to Hoboken

For more DIY inspiration check out our DIY Coachella Inspired Headpiece Post from 2012

Blogger Highlight: Say Yes To Hoboken


We recently stumbled upon Liz’s blog Say Yes To Hoboken, and now we’re dying to replicate all of her DIY projects. She creates adorable accessories, lovely decor, and also shares delicious recipes. Check out some of her projects below and stop by Say Yes to Hoboken for more!

DIY Leather Fold Over Clutch


DIY Gold Dipped Holiday Glasses

DIY Polka Dot Shorts