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Top 5 Music Festival Fashion DIYs

Coachella is quickly approaching and many other festivals are not far along. Even though most people attend these festivals for the music and entertainment factor there is an abundance of style not to be missed. Whether you’re in a neon suit, bikini top or rocking a floral headband you won’t go unnoticed. These festivals bring some of the most stylish people together. While packing for these trips take note that your fashion choices are endless as well as your DIY opportunities. Here are some of our favorite music festival DIYs. We’re loving all of these looks and can’t wait to try them out! 
Matter of Style
Matter of Style

Chain HeadbandLove Maegan

A Pair and a SpareA Pair and a Spare

Runway DIYRunway DIY

Say Yes to HobokenSay yes to Hoboken

For more DIY inspiration check out our DIY Coachella Inspired Headpiece Post from 2012

Lanvin Inspired Varsity DIY Necklace

Even though we’re loving varsity embellishments on sweaters, jackets, beanies and scarves we opted to go in a different direction. Inspired by Lanvin’s Fall 2013 collection, we created this Varsity Letter necklace.
Enjoy the diy and check out MJTrim.com for supplies 

Lanvin’s Fall 2013 Collection



2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White

3 Denim Iron-On Patches

7MM Flat Curb Chain

11MM Flat Chain

19MM Metal Chain

6MM Molded Pearls


Safety Pins

Varsity DIY Supplies MJ Trimming


Iron two of the Denim Iron-On Patches together back to back with the denim on the outside.

Varsity DIY Supplies MJ Trimming

Place your 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White where you’d like it to appear.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Carefully flip it over so the letter is facing down on the ironing board.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Gently iron the back of the denim. The heat causes the 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White to stay in place.
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Once your 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White feels secure, flip the denim over.
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Glue pearls around the 2” Sequin Letters Heat Seal Letters Silver/Grey/White creating a circle outline. Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Cut the excess denim off around the 6MM Molded Pearls.

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

OPTION 1: Sew your chain around the 6MM Molded Pearls creating an additional border.
(as shown)
OPTION 2: Glue your chain around the 6MM Molded Pearls creating an additional border

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Regardless of which option you selected for the previous step, leave an inch of 7MM Flat Curb Chain at the top.
Now safety pin the remaining chain together. Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Carry your 11MM Flat Chain chain through the loop you had just created.  

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Use an additional safety pin to secure both the 19MM Metal Chain and the 11MM Flat Chain  
Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Varsity DIY MJ Trimming

Blogger Highlight: Runway DIY

Runway DIY is always one of our go-to blogs for incredibly chic projects. Arianna, the lovely girl behind the blog, creates trendy tutorials that mirror some of our favorite designer pieces – without breaking the bank! We adored the Prada-inspired midi skirt that she created when she was our Blogger of the Month so we wanted to see what Arianna has been up to. Check out her interview below!
How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer?
I was making all of these projects anyway and deciding to share them was a big step for me. I just kind of took the plunge and started the site!
Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs?
I read every fashion magazine and I’m usually more interested in the ads than the content- that’s where you can find the most current and recognizable trends for the season. I also spend a lot of time on fashion blogs and style.com.
Which of your DIY projects is your favorite?
That’s tough!  If I had to choose, it would probably be my DIY Celine Loafer Heels or my DIY Distressed Balmain Tee.
What advice would you give to DIY beginners?
Focus on quality! You don’t want to make something that feels like a costume. Hot glue is not always the answer.
What are your must-have DIY supplies?
Quick Stitch is an amazing glue for fabrics, needle and thread, very sharp scissors, eyelets, a bag of trims and ribbons, basic tools like a hammer etc. You can do so much without pro tools- I don’t even own a sewing machine!
See more of Arianna’s projects at RunwayDIY.com!

Top 5 Bloggers DIY Necklaces

We love DIY blogger tutorials- especially these bold statement necklaces! We managed to cut down our list to our top 5 DIY blogger necklaces that we plan to try. Pick your favorite statement pieces and start DIYing!

1. DIY Gretchen Jones Necklace by Honestly WTF

2. DIY Washer Necklace by Runway DIY

3. DIY Heartbeat Necklace by ISPYDIY

4. DIY Statement Necklace by P.S.- I Made This

5.  Chevron Fringe Necklace DIY by The Alison Show

Blogger of the Month, October!

By Blerona

Our New Favorite blogger for October is Carly J. Cais from Chic Steals

Carly J. Cais is a self-taught DIY maven whose lack of funds never stifles her creativity.  She operates her fashion and style blog Chic Steals based on the motto, “Be Stylish * Get Creative * Spend Less,” telling everyone that the designer look is easily attainable through budget shopping, thrifting, and DIY’ing.  She always loves the challenge of creating runway-inspired pieces and clothing refashioned from thrift store finds – from men’s shirts refashioned into rompers, sweatshirts re-made into blouses, shoes detailed like Louboutins, and designer-style accessories made from foam and clay.  Chic Steals is all about looking on-trend and chic – for an unbelievable steal

 Chic Steals DIY’s

Here’s what we sent her for the Blogger of the Month Challenge…check back on Tuesday, October 11th 2011 to see what she made!

Runway DIY Blogger of the Month- September!

M&J has always been my go-to source for supplies and inspiration, so being asked to be September’s Blogger of the Month was so flattering and exciting! When I was very young, my great-aunt gave me a beautiful box full of gorgeous silk ribbons for my birthday. I was only about 6 at the time, but I still remember it as one of my favorite presents. When I opened M&J’s box and saw the stunning ribbons they had picked out for me, I felt like a little kid again! There are so many ways to use ribbons and embellishments to take pieces you already have and update them to look fresh off the runway.

Project 1: Button Elastics

I am always tying my hair back in the middle of the day to get it out of my face so I wear a hair elastic on my wrist at all times. This easy DIY brightens up boring hair elastics for a tie that looks just as cute on your wrist as it will in your ponytail!

M&J Items Used:

Enamel Fashion Button Item# 45870011 (Call 1.800.9.MJTRIM)

Project 2: Sweet Rocker Tee:

I absolutely love a great vintage tee. Adding some frills and beaded embellishments can give them a feminine touch – making the perfect top to pair with some leggings and booties for a sweet hard rock look.

M&J Items Used:

3″ Rigid Lace Item# 37077
7/8″ Sequin/Organdy Border Item# 47225 (Call 1.800.9.MJTRIM)
Beaded Applique Item# 39350 (Call 1.800.9.MJTRIM)

Project 3: Prada-Inspired Striped Midi Skirt

Prada’s S/S 11 lollipop colored stripes on sophisticated black items inspired the midi skirt I created. I don’t have a sewing machine, so everything you see here was sewn by hand. It doesn’t take much time, and if you make sure you get a perfectly-matching color of thread, it doesn’t take much talent either!

M&J Items Used:

50Mm Midori Dupioni Silk Item# 37302 in Burnt Sienna and Dahlia
Needle and Thread in colors Item# 42681 Magenta and Poppy

Blogger of the Month, September!

By Blerona

I know we’ve missed a couple of month’s after May, but luckly we had Five amazing bloggers for our M&J Challenge 2 to keep your creative juices flowing for the summer. And I’m happy to say that we are back in action. Our New Favorite blogger for September is Arianna from Runway DIY!

Arianna Berk is a true DIY girl who believes there is no need to want when you can create! Arianna has been making her own clothing, artwork, and accessories since before she could walk and talk. Growing up with a fashion designer mother, Arianna was raised around bolts of fabric and sewing machines, and learned from a young age that with enough creativity and imagination, you can make anything you see.


Her website, Runway DIY aims to make high fashion accesible to everyone through step-by-step do it yourself projects inspired by current trends. Her focus is on creating arts, not crafts- she never uses a glue gun where a needle and thread would do better. Arianna views the world through DIY eyes- flipping through magazines and walking past shop windows gives her constant inspiration for her posts and creations. When Arianna isn’t blogging, you will find her trying new restaurants or playing with her dogs- Baye, Rosie, and Sam.

Here’s what we sent her for the Blogger of the Month Challenge…check back on Tuesday, September 13th 2011 to see what she made!