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Inspiration: The Great Gatsby

When we think of The Great Gatsby, we imagine the decadence and splendor of Jay Gatsby’s parties. If you’re in the business of trim and embellishments, you probably love tiny details. And if you haven’t been able to tell, we really, REALLY do.  Especially ones that sparkle! Here are some images that got us completely inspired for our next DIY.

Pastel Vintage Flapper DressesThese beautiful pastel dresses are so detailed. Look that the pearl embellishments on the mint green dress, and the beading on the lace of the pink dress!

Great Gatsby Whiskey Bar

These bottles are a work of art! The etched glass is so detailed, and the amber whiskey really highlights the contrast.

Clara Bow It Girl

The ultimate flapper had to be Clara Bow. She was the “It” girl of the 1920s, a silent-film siren, and an enduring fashion icon. Check out that sultry stare!

Black and Gold Bead Fringe Dress

This beautiful black dress from ModCloth hits all the right jazz notes. We love the art deco design created by the trim and beading.

Gatsby Bridal Headpiece | M&J Trimming

Our Bridal department was tasked with tracking down a headband inspired by the one worn by Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby. This one by Bernie of New York exceeded expectations! We were blown away by the serious shine of this headpiece.

While we hope you enjoyed our inspiration roundup, you can never have enough sparkle! Visit our Great Gatsby Inspiration Page to see more trim befitting the most fabulous flapper!

DIY Pearl Headpiece

Last week we shared this street style snap of Miroslava Duma sporting an elaborate pearl headpiece, and we were so inspired that we decided to DIY our own! All we needed were some jewels and jewelry wire from M&J Trimming, and a bit of patience. Follow our steps below to make your own.


1. Cut a piece of wire that will fit around your head, plus a few inches. Begin threading the pearls onto the wire.

2. Add enough pearls so they fit perfectly around the circumference of your head. Tie the ends of the wire together to create a circle. Snip off any excess wire. This will be the base of your headpiece.

3. Cut a piece of wire that will go from the middle of your forehead to the middle of the back of your head, plus a few inches. Thread 10-15 oval jewels onto the wire. Tie the ends onto opposite sides of the pearl circle, so it divides the pearl circle in half. This strand will be the top of the headpiece.

4. Create another strand of about 10-15 oval jewels. Tie one end onto one of the spots where the other oval jewels are attached to the pearls. This will be the front of the headpiece. Tie the other end onto the pearls, a few inches from the back of the headpiece. You may want to try the headpiece on to decide exactly where you want to tie the jewels. Repeat this step with another strand of jewels, so you have one on each side.

5. Create two more strands of pearls. These will be hanging down from the headpiece, so each one should be an inch or two longer than half of the pearl circle. Attach one end of each strand to the front of the headpiece, and one end to the back.

6. Thread a small piece of wire through the triangle stone, then tie it to the front of the headpiece. Position your amazing new headpiece on your head and you’re all set!

Top 5 DIY Headpieces

Not quite a headband, not quite a hat, a headpiece is our favorite way to add a bohemian vibe to an outfit. Ever since we spotted them on some of our style icons at Coachella, we have been searching for the best headpiece tutorials to follow. Here’s our top 5!

1. DIY Bohemian Chain Headpiece by All The Good Girls Go To Heaven

2. DIY Beach Boho Headpiece by P.S. I Made This

3. DIY Feather Headpiece by Wunderlust

4. DIY Ann Demeulemeester Feather Headpiece by Monoxious

5. DIY Headpiece Out of a Necklace by Oh So Pretty the Diaries

Halloween DIY: Jeweled Flappers Girl Head Piece

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By Julissa

Halloween is right around the corner, if you don’t have time to buy a costume. Then why not make your own  fun jewel encrusted head-piece. Its easy and fun, and you will definitely stand out. It’s a piece you can do at home at your own time, you don’t have to worry about waiting on those long lines in the costume stores anymore.



  • Take the 6” piece of ribbon and face it upside down, you are going to fold the feather fringe and glue it in the middle of the satin ribbon. Glue the two ends of the satin ribbon in the middle after gluing the feathers.
  • Turn the feather and satin ribbon so that the glued part of the ribbon is facing down, take the big square sew-on and glue it in the middle of the satin ribbon. Take the large oval sew-on and glue it to the right of the large square sew-on. Take the round sew-on and glue it on the left side of the square sew-on. Then glue the small navette and glue it in between the round and square sew-on (on the bottom). Then take the pear-shaped sew-on and glue it in between the round and the square shape sew-on (on the top).
  • Turn the Jewel encrusted satin piece and turn it around. First glue the Mallard Duck pad feather to the satin ribbon. Then glue the Guinea pad feather on top of the mallard duck pad feather. (Glue it so both feather pad show)
  • Then glue the Feather piece to the sequence trim. Glue it so it’s a little to the side of your head.
  • Take the two inches of elastic and sew it on to both sides of the sequence trim.

Headband Workshop 7/12/09


Fashion Headband Workshop July 12, 2009

Time:  9am

Cost:  $20

To sign-up:  1-800-9-MJTRIM ext 377

Hi everyone.  It looks like it’s time for another Headband workshop.  The date is set for July 12th at 9am.  If you’re interested in attending, please call 1-800-9-MJTRIM ext 377 to sign-up.  Bring friends and family to enjoy this exciting workhsop.  We’ll teach you all the cool tips and tricks to creating your own fashionable headband.