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DIY Metallic Hair Bow by Look What I Made


We recently stumbled upon this DIY metallic hair bow by Look What I Made and instantly fell in love. There’s nothing we like more than a girly accessory combined with some edgy metallics. And then we noticed that Melissa used supplies from M&J Trimming – yet another reason to love this tutorial! Head over to Look What I Made to see the full tutorial and make it yourself.


DIY Hair Bow

We’ve whipped up another original DIY, this time with some of our favorite faux-leather trim. We turned this edgy snakeskin trim into a lovely hair bow, in just 6 simple steps. Follow along below to make your own! And of course, all supplies are from M&J Trimming.

Supplies: 10 inch piece of trim, 8 inch piece of trim, 3 inch piece of trim, scissors, E6000 glue, barrettes, a few inches of twine

1. Create a loop with the 10 inch piece of trim by glueing the ends together. Repeat with the 8 inch piece of trim.

2. Apply glue to the middle of each loop and press down until each loop is stuck together in the middle.

3. Add a drop of glue to the middle of the larger loop. Place the smaller loop directly on top and press down while the glue dries.

4. Once the glue has dried, tie a piece of string around the middle of both loops to create the bow shape.

5. Wrap the 3 inch piece of trim around the middle of the bow and glue in the back.

6. Glue the back of a barrette onto the back of the bow. Let dry and you’re all done!

Printed Ribbon Hair Bow Tutorial

By Blerona

I was so excited to create my first Ribbon Hair Bow that I decided to do another one! But with a different technique. So check it out!


1st step: Cut both flower ribbons in half, you should 4 pieces of 10″ ribbonAll together you should have five strips of 10″ ribbon, one strip of 12″ ribbon, one strip of 15″ ribbon. 

2nd Step: Take the 12″ orchid piece of ribbon add glue in the middle and fold like the breast cancer ribbon. Then add glue on top of that and fold the ribbon over that, making a bow. Like the Photo above.

3rd Step: Take the 10″ of orchid ribbon and glue the ends together. Then take the four strips of 10″ flower ribbons and do the same thing.

4th Step: Now for all the ribbons that you glued the ends together with, add glue in the middle of each and create an 8, like the photo above.

5th Step: For the 14″ of French Pink ribbon, follow  step 2 and create a bow.  Then pile and glue the ribbons on top of each other on different angles. Creating a flower.

6th Step: Sew everything together, cut the ends of the purple and pink ribbon making a V and sew a clip on the back.  I also added a little embellishment in the middle with scrap trim from this project, but you can also add a button.