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Blogger Challenge: Glitter ‘N Glue

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Kristen Turner: A Southern Belle living the champagne life on a beer budget, Kristen created her blog Glitter ‘N Glue in 2010 to give readers a creative way to craft the looks for less. Glitter ‘N Glue is a collection of weekly fashion and decor do-it-yourself project tutorials and videos.

Add a little glam to a plain clear vase by dressing it up metallic gold cord.

Materials: Glass Vase, Metallic Gold Cord, Glue


Place a healthy amount of glue at the bottom of your vase. Place the end of your cord in the glue, hold and let set. Then, wrap the cord around the vase.



Wrap the cord around the vase adding glue to the back of the cords as you go.


Allow at least an hour for your glue to dry before use


Versatile statement necklace should always be a staple in any jewelry box. This project mixed two of my fashion favorites… crystals and a pop of color!

Materials: About 2 yards of cupchain and thread also barrel necklace closure, a lobster claw, a jump ring and glue


Start with four pieces of cupchain each about a half a yard in length


Use your thread to tie all four pieces together at one end


Wrap your thread through the spaces of the cupchain leaving the rhinestones exposed


Add a healthy amount of glue to the inside of your barrel closure. Place the closures on the ends of your necklace. Allow it time to dry overnight, then place a jump ring and lobster claw on one of the barrel closures and a jump ring through the hole of the other.


It can be worn as a necklace…


or as a bracelet




No outfit is complete without the perfect manicure. While a trip to the nail salon can be fun and relaxing it can also be costly. At home mani’s allow you to personalize your look and save a few bucks!

Materials: Flat back crystals, clear nail polish, your favorite nail color plus other essentials you might need for an at home manicure

1First apply your favorite color to your nails. Then, apply a clear top coat. Place your crystals directly to the nail while your top coat is still wet. If needed use a pair of tweezers to help you pick up the crystals.

Your crystal design can be as simple or as creative as you desire. The design is completely up to you. Once the top coat has dried, apply another coat of clear polish over your crystals.


Use finger nail polish to remove.

Introducing Our M&J Blogger Challenge Participants!

We are very glad to announce our Third Annual M&J Blogger Challenge! We will be posting each blogger’s DIY posts throughout the week…Stay tuned and enjoy!

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Carly J. Cais has been a DIY’er from the moment she strung macaroni on yarn to make necklaces at age 3. Completely self-taught, she produced a short-lived clothing and jewelry line, RIVETED, in 2007, and founded her DIY and fashion blog Chic Steals in 2008. She loves sharing ideas and how-to’s for making one’s own clothing, accessories, and jewelry on her blog, along with local fashion lines lookbooks, styling inspiration, and outfit photos.

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Kristen Turner: A Southern Belle living the champagne life on a beer budget, Kristen created her blog Glitter ‘N Glue in 2010 to give readers a creative way to craft the looks for less. Glitter ‘N Glue is a collection of weekly fashion and decor do-it-yourself project tutorials and videos.

Smart n Snazzy LogoHi!  I’m Lia.  My real name is Amalia which rhymes with Mama Mia and not Somalia.  This is why I go by Lia.  I’m a single mom of 2 amazing kids who are 8 and 11.  I recently lost my job and am trying to blog full time now while looking for my next endeavor.  You know how you hear some kind of adage that goes something like ‘what you do when you’re procrastinating is what you should be doing with your life’?  Well for me it was blogging.  And here I am!  A former data analyst, now loving life at home with the kiddos! I started Smart n Snazzy to share my love of fashion, DIY projects, beauty, and decor.  I have expensive taste but a limited budget, so I wanted to hopefully inspire others!  I also started it to have a creative outlet.  I’ve always been making things since I was a kid; it’s helped with my anxiety and focus issues.  I graduated from University of Colorado Boulder with my degree in Mathematics after also studying a lot of physics and astronomy. I am obsessed with 90s punk music, the beach, Mediterranean food, sports, and a good drink. I snowboard, surf (well I did when I lived in FL), and work on DIY projects in my free time, what little of it I have that is.

StudsandPearls-HeaderStuds and Pearls is a DIY fashion blog owned by Kirsten Nunez. As a New Yorker and longtime lover of crafting, she’s inspired by everything from music to food to nature. She is currently working on publishing her first DIY fashion book.

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After graduating from fashion school, and honing her skills through internships at Rodarte and Nike, Aimee landed her dream job and is now a working designer in Los Angeles. Constantly DIY’ing in her spare time, she created SwellMayde as a home for her readers to embrace their creativity.  It is all about finding inspiration and teaching others how to bring it to reality with easy to follow steps.

Thanks I Made It LogoErin Pruckno lives in Washington, DC, where she teaches by day and crafts by night. Her site, Thanks, I Made It, is a DIY style blog for encouraging creativity, sharing inspiration, and enjoying being able to say, “Thanks, I made it!” There you’ll find do-it-yourself projects that range from the super simple to more complex, while learning crafty skills and how to get designer looks with less money and more personality.

Trinkets in Bloom LogoCathy Attix is the creator of Trinkets in Bloom, a fashion DIY blog with an eye for design and creative expression. Her DIY’s are inspired by runway fashion, street style and vintage finds. She brings more than fifteen years of fashion industry experience to her creations and a lifetime of creativity and experience to her tutorials.

Top 5 Pocket DIYs

The best way to jazz up a simple piece of clothing? Add a pocket! They’re functional and trendy, especially if you create a lace or neon pocket. Some of our favorite bloggers have been DIYing pockets onto their clothing, and we love what they’ve been coming up with. We picked out our top 5 favorites below, so check it out and let us know what you think!

DIY Sequin Pocket by Glitter N Glue


DIY Beaded Pocket by P.S. I Made This

DIY Floral Pocket by Urban Beings

DIY Lace Pocket Shorts by Chictopia

DIY Leather Pockets by Court + Hudson

Top 5 DIY Summer Sandals

We love a good pair of high heels as much as the next girl, but when summer rolls around, flat sandals are our shoe of choice. We love the ease and comfort that they provide, so we sought out some of the best DIY sandals. In no particular order, here’s our top 5!

DIY Glitter Sandals by Glitter N Glue

DIY Arrow Sandals by Kaye at The Etsy Blog

DIY Tribal Wrap Sandals by I Spy DIY

DIY Spiked Sandals by Fashion After Breakfast

DIY Fringed Gladiator Sandals by Chic Steals

Top 5 DIY Clutches

The weather is warming up, so we know everyone is gearing up for those summer weddings and events. This means we’re in serious need of some fun clutches, so we rounded up the best clutch DIYs. Check out our list below (in no particular order) and let us know which one is your favorite!

1. DIY Neon Stud Clutch by Glitter ‘N Glue

2. DIY Lucite Clutch by Stripes + Sequins

3. DIY Prada-Inspired Clutch by Refinery 29

4. DIY Christopher Kane-Inspired Neon Clutch by A Matter of Style

5. DIY Envelope Clutch by Swell Mayde

Top 5 Blogger Collar DIYs

Collars have been trending for quite some time now, so naturally they have been popping up on all of our favorite DIY blogs. Whether they are sequined, spraypainted, or starred, we’re really digging all of the different versions. Here’s a list of our top 5 – which one is your favorite?

1. DIY Louis Vuitton Gold Collar by A Pair & A Spare

2. DIY Miu Miu Inspire Pop-Up Collar by Boat People

3. DIY Sequin Collar Necklace by Stripes + Sequins

4. DIY Faux Fur Collar by Studs and Pearls

5. DIY Chainmail Embellished Collar by Glitter ‘N Glue

Blogger Highlight: Glitter ‘N Glue

It’s safe to say that we have always been obsessed with Glitter ‘N Glue, a DIY blog that is run by the lovely Kristen Turner. She participated in our Blogger Challenge last year, and we adored all of the projects that she created. Her sparkling zebra flats were definitely a favorite around the office. Kristen was kind enough to chat with us about everything DIY-related – see her interview below!

How did you get started as a blogger and a DIYer? After maxing out my credit cards, I started DIYing as a way to feed my fashion appetite without breaking the bank.

Where do you find inspiration for your DIYs? I find inspiration from all over… magazines, window shopping, blogs, old Hollywood photos, vintage family photos.
Which of your DIY projects is your favorite? I just made these stackable ball and chain rings that I’m currently obsessing over. They were super cheap, super easy to make and come in so many different colors. I wear them almost everyday now. I pair them with my Michael Kors stackable rings as the perfect mix of designer and DIY

Have you noticed any upcoming DIY trends? Summer is upon us so I’m excited to see the DIY projects the change in weather will bring. I’m predicting lots of color which I’m very excited about!
What advice would you give to DIY beginners? Start simple. I find the best projects are usually the ones where I’ve used a can of spray paint to change the color of something. So simple yet it totally changes the look of my accessories.
What are your must-have DIY supplies? Glitter and glue, obviously 😉 I also seem to not be able to live without studs. Lately I’ve wanted to put studs on everything!

Top 5 Blogger Ring DIYs

Rings are always super simple to DIY, so we’re constantly scouting for the best blogger tutorials. We’ve rounded up a list of our top 5 – check them out!

1. Delicate Gold Chain Rings by A Pair & A Spare

2. Pamela Love Arrowhead Ring by Chic Steals

3. Ball and Chain Stackable Rings by Glitter ‘N Glue

4. Heart Ring by I Spy DIY

5. Spike Ring by Studs and Pearls

Top 5 Shoe DIYs

Studs, glitter, paint – you can use pretty much anything to jazz up a drab old pair of shoes. And no one knows this better than bloggers – we love watching them get creative with their shoes. Here’s a few of our favorite shoe DIYs that have been floating around the blogosphere lately.

1. DIY Spiked Heels by A Pair & A Spare

2. DIY Embellished Ankle Straps by Glitter ‘N Glue

3. Kitty Loafer by P.S. I Made This

4. DIY Glitter Sneakers by …Love Maegan

5. DIY Gold Color Block Booties by I Spy DIY

Glitter ‘n Glue – M&J Challenger 2!

Kristen Turner has a taste for life’s glittery things, but a bank account that can’t support it. Glitter ‘N Glue is dedicated to every fashion forward girl with champagne dreams living on a beer budget. And we’re happy she was a challenger this year!

Dolce and Gabbana inspired Zebra sparkling flats


  • White Flats from H&M
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Colorful Rhinestones


Step 1: Use your black Sharpie Marker to draw Zebra pattern onto the shoe

 Step 2: Apply rhinestones to the toe of the shoe


Turban Headband


  • Ribbon
  • Headband
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cut the ribbon into four pieces, layer pieces 2 on top of each other in an X formation

 Step 2: Fold the ends of the pieces over so that they meet each other

 Step 3: Add glue to the top of the headband and glue “knot” to the top of the headband. 

Step 4: Glue down the lose ends to the end of the headband. Secure with clip while it dries.


 Beach Bag


  • Straw bag
  • Rite Dye
  • Colorful Tread, Raffia


Step1: Prepare Rite Dye and dip bag. While dyeing, also dip in the raffia if you wish to use it.

Step 3: Use thread or dyed raffia to embroider personal message to the beach bag


Braided Leather Bracelet


  • Braided Leather
  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  •  Button or Toggle


Step 1 – Cute leather and add Toggle/ Button to it

Step 2 – Make a loop at the opposite end of and wrap wire around the braid to secure loop

Step 3- Wrap wire around the opposite end of the leather to secure toggle/ button


Oversized Floral Brooch 


  • Ribbon
  • Wire
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin


Step1: Gather ribbon into a roll, pinching the middle of the roll

Step 2: Fold over the roll of ribbon

Step 3: Cut a “V” shape into the end of the roll. Wrap wire around the middle to secure

Step 4:  Pull apart folds to reveal floral bow

Step 5:  Add safety pin to the back to wear as a brooch


for more fun DIY’s and Inspiration