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Top 5 DIY Gift Wrapping


The holidays are quickly approaching, so we’ve been trying to think of ways to jazz up our gifts for friends and family. We found a few DIY wrapping tutorials that are just stunning, and we’d love to use any of these once the holidays are here. Check out our top 5 favorites below! Which one do you like the best?

DIY Handwritten Wrapping by The Sweetest Occasion/Made In The Fold



DIY Miu Miu Style Wrapping & Glitter Labels by Ambrosia Creative


DIY Glitter Bow by Brunch at Saks


DIY Fabric Pom Pom Gift Wrap by Grey Likes Weddings/Style Me Pretty

DIY Pom Pom and Fabric Wrapping by Whipperberry





We’ve Been Featured….Ways to Decorate a Gift

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We’ve been featured in Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine December issue. They use M&J’s pom pom trim to show us different ways to decorate a Christmas gift.

Number 54 on page

Materials Used:

3/8” Pom Pom Fringe, white Style# 31664


Ideas For Gift Wrapping

By Blerona

In spirit of the holiday’s I’d like to show you some ideas for gift wrapping. Even though everyone rips through the wrapping paper in 2 seconds, presentation is everything! And I love wrapping my presents in fun and inspiring colors with trimmings that I have laying around. The two wrapped gifts below were for the winners of the Ladies Night Out Challenge and I just had to take pictures before I sent them out because I loved the way they came out.

Materials for Gift Wrapping

The directions are pretty simple, just let you creative side run wild using trims and paper that you never thought you’d use to gift wrap! Happy Holidays!

Brittany’s Wrapped Gift

Laura’s Wrapped Gift

How to tie the perfect bow.



Christmas is getting closer, and I’m getting ready for wrapping all the presents for my family and friends. I always try to give each of the presents a touch of personality and I get very creative while I do gift-wrapping. However, to get there it’s important to know the basics, and that is why today I’m showing you how to tie the perfect bow. It’s very simple and with some practice you will be able to make ribbon bows in no time.


  1. Make a loop with the ribbon and hold the loop between your thumb and index finger, with the ribbon end at the back several inches longer than the front end. Use your opposite hand to pick up the long end and wrap it around the loop to begin the knot.
  2. With your index finger of the same hand, push a loop through the knot in front of the thumb holding the first loop.
  3. Pull the back of the loops with your thumbs and index fingers to tighten the knot
  4. Cut the ribbon ends to equal lengths.