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Suprise M&J Trimming Giveaway!

By Blerona

This week we’ll be doing a ‘Suprise Giveaway’ with one of M&J’s most popular products!! To Enter visit our website www.mjtrim.com and copy the photo of the product you love the most, then post it on facebook page and tell us why you love it!

Winner Will Be Announced Friday May 27, 2011


This Weeks Giveaway!

By Blerona

 This Week we’re are giving away this beautiful necklace that we did a tutorial for last year. I’m still in love with it and suprisinlgy still in for Spring Fashion with its bright beautiful chic colors.

So, To Enter this Weeks Giveaway and Win the necklace above – Like Us On Facebook – Suggest Us to Friends-  and finish this sentence – “My Favorite Spring Accessory is…”

Winner will be announced on Facebook Friday, April 22nd 2011 – Good Luck!


Or You Can Watch the Video to Make Your Own 🙂 [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YV8vhH6rv8] 


Giveaway Alert!

“Fashion For Dummies”

“Survival Sewing”

“Fashion Tribes China”


Here’s how to enter.

Join our Facebook Page and suggest our Fanpage to Friends, then post a comment on our wall.  By Completing this sentence, “My Favorite product from M&J is…”

We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page on Thursday, the 23th of December at 1pm EST.

Giveaway Alert!

One lucky winner will receive….

1 “Pretty Little Pillows” Book

1 “Applique for Little Ones” Book

1 “100 Applique Motifs”

Here’s how to enter.

Join our Facebook Page and complete and post on our wall.  Complete this sentence, “I like M&J Trimming because….”

We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page on Friday, the 17th of December at 5pm EST.


I Spy A Fun Game To Win Me M&J Dollars To Spend Online

Win $25 or $100 to spend on MJTRIM.com

Starting March 31, 2010, M&J Trimming will be playing five exciting games of  “I Spy” on our Facebook Fan page.  Here is the details and how you can play.

On M&J Trimming’s Facebook Fan page, we will give you clues as to which item we are spying on www.MJTRIM.com.  The first fan to get the correct item number will win M&J dollars to spend online.   There will be a total of five games.

The first four games will give clues to one item number and whoever gets the correct answer first will win $25 to spend on www.MJTRIM.com

On the fifth game, we will give clues to three different item numbers and whoever gets all three item numbers correct first will win $100 to spend on www.MJTRIM.com

Here is how you can play.

  • Log into your Facebook account and then visit M&J Trimming’s Facebook Fan page.
  • Become a fan of M&J Trimming.
  • Look for the most recent clue.
  • From the clue that you got from our Facebook page, search and guess which merchandise and item number we are spying online. 
  • Once you think you might know which item number it might be, write the item number in the comment box of the clue we gave.  (Note: Remember that you have to write the item number or style number not just the description of the item to qualify)
  • The first person to get it right wins the prize!

When the first person who gets the correct answer to the clue, we will announce the winner on our Facebook Fan page. 

Be sure to spread the word and share this fun game with your friends and family. 

Attention Winners:

 If you are a winner of the game, you will recieve a friends request from M&J Trimming.  Please accept and we will message you your prize.  Congratulation!