DIY Holiday Week Two: Iron-on Applique

Hello Holiday Lovers,

As part of our Holiday Season, we are creating DIY Holiday Gift Idea videos for your gift inspirations. Last week I took you on a tour in our NYC’s 5,000 sq ft showroom. This week Carlos and I show you how to apply an iron-on appliqué. A great gift for anyone on the holidays!


Click here for a list of materials 

Tune in next week for a look that will have you chained to our website!

Happy Holidays, Blerona

DIY Beaded Fringe and Denim Cuff


So, as many of you may or may not already know, I am absolutely in love with beaded fringe and certainly cuffs.  This week I’ve decided to combine my two loves, and am loving the result.  Hope you dig it too.


  • ½ yard 3” beaded fringe
  • 1 package of ss30 nail heads
  • Scarp denim (I used a piece 2 ½” wide and 9” long.  The length measurement depends upon your wrist size.  Take your measurement and add 2”)
  • Craft glue
  • 1 12” separating zipper
  • Ez rhinestone setter  or you could use the side of a pencil t o finish the prongs of your nail heads
  • Needle and thread



  1.  Cut your denim into 4 equal sections and cut 3 pieces of fringe 2 ½” pieces.
  2. I used a little glue to secure the pieces of fringe between 2 pieces of my denim and stitched.  Stitch as close to the twill tape of the fringe as possible so that it will not be visible from the other side.
  3. Mark two columns down the two center panels of your denim cuff.  My marks are 1/2” apart.
  4. Apply nail heads at your marks
  5. Fold the ends of your cuff over ¼”, you may press this down or secure it with a little glue or stitch. 
  6. Attach the bottom portion of your zipper to finished ends.  To shorten the zipper cut the top portion off, then using a needle and thread wrap some thread around the top tooth.  Doing so will keep the zipper from coming off the teeth.
  7. Wear and Enjoy!

DIY Seed Bead and Chain Necklace

By Goldie


For my first post I decided to create an easy DIY chain and seed bead necklace.  Although I choose these materials solely many other combinations can be created from the array of trims offered by M&J such as; ribbons, lace, cording, and leathers.


To get the look:

  1. Cut 1 piece of beaded trim 3” longer than length of 1 of the chains.
  2. Thread this piece through the chain and secure ends with glue
  3. Next thread the other piece of beaded trim through second chain, knot the excess trim off to one side and let hang
  4. by widening one of the links in the back of the chain attach the two chains together


Trend Alert: Heavy Metal DIY Biker Inspired Necklace

By Roseann


This season every designer has jumped on the biker chic bandwagon and fortunately I happen to love this look.  Chains, leather, and hardware is used to adorn all looks casual to evening.  This naughty but nice look can be intimidating to some and can come with a hefty price tag.   Using some leather cording and chain you can create a necklace that’s ultra hip, works for almost every age group, and is easy on the wallet.




  • 1 yard 6mm leather braid
  • ½ yard 17mm gold chain
  • ½ yard metal oval link chain
  • One yard 3.5mm mesh link chain
  • Gem-Tac glue
  • Four15mm rings
  • Four 6mm end caps
  • Two 7mm jump rings and four 4mm jump rings
  • Metal clasp
  • Wire clippers and needle nose pliers



  1. Cut leather braid into two pieces 1 measuring 14” and the other 18”.
  2.  Finish the ends of the leather pieces by gluing the end caps
  3. Cut mesh chain into three pieces 1 measuring 13” and 2 pieces measuring 8”.
  4. Cut oval chain down to 12”.  Thread 13” piece of mesh chain through oval chain and secure with 4mm jump rings.
  5. Cut 17mm chain down to 16”.
  6.  Attach the 17mm chain to the 18” piece of leather using the 15mm rings.
  7. Do the same with oval metal chain and 14” leather.
  8. Attach the front of the necklace together by threading 8” pieces of mesh chain through 15mm rings.  Secure the mesh chain with 4mm jump rings.
  9. Attach clasp to jump ring.
  10. Wear, enjoy!

Rev Up a Classic Shawl with Biker Chic Embellishments

By Roseann


Biker influenced details will be seen everywhere this fall such as; fringe, studs, zippers, and other hardware.  Although this is a trend that has been seen time and time again, designers this season are pairing the hardened classic look with more feminine pieces like gowns and flirty skirts. Although it’s not quite time to pull on a leather biker jacket, the weather is quite right for soft jersey knit shawl.  I experimented with some ultra suede fringe and antique brass nailheads and am quite please with the contrasting robust embellishments on a soft draped fabric.



  • 2 yards of cotton or silk jersey knit fabric or a shawl purchased or preowned
  • 2 packages Ss30 Dome Nailheads 4-ProngStyle: 04030
  • 2 yards of 2″ Faux Leather Cut Fringe Style: 30246, I used a 6” fringe Style: 00807-bk which can be purchased by calling 1-800-9mjtrim.
  • 1 bottle Gem-Tac Glue 4 Oz. Style: 29471
  • 1 Ez Rhinestone Setter Set Style: 39318, or Brisk-Set Rhinestone Setter Style: 16512 and Nailhead Adapter for Brisk-Set Style: 16509 if you plan to work more frequently with nailheads.  The latter setter is more expensive, but will save you an immense amount of time.


  • Cut fabric down to 1 yard wide, or the desirable width you’d like for your shawl to be.  Finish ends with a sewing machine.
  • Cut your fringe into two 1 yard pieces and sew to the short ends of the shawl.
  • Choose which side you’d like to embellish.  Then measure up 16” on the right side and mark.  Using a yard stick create marking for studs in a straight line 1” apart beginning at the bottom left corner to the 16” mark on the right hand side.  Be sure to create your marking on the wrong side of the fabric. Since I used a black fabric I used a whiteout pen to make my marks, a paint marker will work equally as well.
  • Continue with another line of markings 1 ½” bellow the first, repeat until you have created 7 diagonal lines.
  • Now you are going to add each of your nailheads to the markings on the fabric using your setter.  Since jersey is such a light weight fabric I added a drop of Gem-Tac to the back of each nailhead.  I notice that the prongs are more likely to come out of the fabric if you don’t secure it with a little glue.  You are also going to want to let your glue dry for a full 24 hours before wearing.
  • Enjoy!



DIY Ribbon & Applique Necklace

By Dara


Accessories can either make or break an outfit and when you can’t find one that’s going to enhance your outfit, then make one.  I always go through magazines everyday, looking for the latest trend.  This Fall, I noticed that ribbon and applique necklaces are going to be the must-have accessory of the season.  With a tight budget and still having a yearn for something nice, I decided to make one myself.  You can too with a few simple supplies and instructions. 

I used three appliques, item number 43013 from M&J Trimming, they were only $11.98 each. If you like the appliques, you can call 1-800-9-MJTRIM to order them.  I also used two grosgrain bow, a yard of silk grosgrain, a small piece of ultra suede fabric and glue gun.

All you have to do is add glue to the back of the appliques and lay them on top of the ultra suede.  When it dries, trim out the extra fabric.  Make sure to not to cut in between the appliques, so that they hang together on the necklace.  Then cut the grosgrain ribbon in half and glue it to each side of the necklace.  Once you’re done, add the bows and it’s ready to wear.  Simple, right?



DIY Fall accessories with Erica Domesek & Refinery 29


Learn how to make some fashion Fall accessories with DIY guru, Erica Domesek and Refinery 29.  Erica created some stylish accessories for Refinery 29 featuring M&J Trimming’s pleated ribbons, dupioni ribbons, pearls, sequins, unique stitch glue and nailheads.  There’s so many things you can do when you put a little exta creativity.  Visit Refinery 29 for instructions.



DIY Mother's Day Leather Belt

By Dara


Where has the time gone?  It’s almost the end of April and Mother’s day is right around the corner.  With the way the economy is right now, everyone is cutting back.  That doesn’t mean you can’t give your mother a nice gift this year.  It just means you have to be wise about your spending.

 Last year, I post up a DIY mother’s day gift idea using fabric flowers and added it onto a necklace.  It came out great.  Well, this year we’re going to bring that idea back and step up a notch on the design.  This year, we’re going to make a leather belt with DIY fabric flower embellishments.  It’s really easy, especially if you already followed the steps from my post last year.  If not, it’s okay, we can start over. 





  1. Lay the 50mm ribbon flat on the table, then fold it in half horizontally.
  2. Using straight pins, pin the ribbon in place.
  3. Using the matching thread begin hand-stitching the ribbon along the left side.  Be sure to stay close to the edge and start from the backside of the ribbon.
  4. Space each stitch at least ½” apart. 
  5. When you get to the end of the ribbon, remove the straight pins
  6. Then using your fingers, push the end of the ribbon back towards the beginning of the ribbon. 
  7. Stitch the end in place.
  8. Make sure the edges of both ends of the ribbon is facing you
  9. Stitch the edges together, allowing the trim to form a flower shape. 
  10. Tightly stitch the open center together.
  11. Then turn the ribbon around and add your button in the center.
  12. Stitch the button into the center.
  13. Repeat steps 1-12 for the 36mm and 24mm ribbons.
  14. Now for the belt, make sure you know your mom’s waist because the belt should fit perfectly.  Let’s say your mom’s waist is 28 inches, then that means you’ll need to cut 30 inches off the leather trim.
  15. After you cut the trim, add on the buckle by wrapping one inch in the loop and use the leather needle to stitch it in place.  Do this for both ends of the trim on each end of the buckles.
  16. Lastly, it’s time to add on the flowers.  If you unhook the buckles, the left sides you can use unique stitch glue to add the larger flower onto the buckle so that it covers it. 
  17. On the other side of half of the buckle, add the other two flowers along the side. 
  18. Leave it to dry and then after it’s dries, it’ll be ready for gift wrapping

Here’s a sample picture of how to put the flower together from last year’s post.



By Roseann


Today embellishing is seen everywhere, from necklines to ankles.  It’s a great way to add color and a little flash to an everyday piece.  I was really inspired by John Hardy’s new bamboo and sterling silver cuffs.  Since I am not an expert jewelry crafter, I figured a leather cuff would be a great way to get the look.




 Please note that M&J Trimming offers a wide selection of sew on jewels and beads. So explore our selection and be creative.

 You will also need:

  • Gem Tac glue
  • 2 18mm snaps  (1-800-9MJ-TRIM)
  • Thread
  • Leather needle


  1. Measure wrist
  2. Cut Leather 2″ longer than wrist measurement.
  3. Create your design
  4. Using Gem Tac lightly glue down your design to the leather.  Be sure to measure and center.  I like to wait about 4 hours to allow the glue to set.  Once you feel that your jewels are adequately attached you may sew the jewels on to the leather.  I like to glue the jewels down first, I think it makes this step easier.  If you’re comfortable with sewing them without glue feel free.
  5. Measure in 1″ from sides.  Center snaps in center of 1″ edge. Sew them down in a vertical position from one another.  The female piece should be sewn on the outside of the cuff and the male piece on the inside.  This will make the cuff easiest to get on and off.
  6. Wear, enjoy!

Gossip Girl Accessories

By Milton

This blog is for all of you who follow Gossip Girl every week for wardrobe inspiration. If you’re not familiar with the TV series, it is based on the lives of some high school students from the Upper East Side of New York City. The show pretty much resembles a catwalk full of designer clothes. The main characters, Blair Waldrof, Serena van der Woodsen and Jen Humphrey wear brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel and many more in every episode. I can’t promise you that I can teach you how to copy the pattern to a Chanel suit or how to reproduce the latest It-bag. However, I can give you tips of how to get a similar look and create accessories that match the ones Upper East Side socialites wear in this hit TV Series.

Let’s start with Blair Waldrof. Her signature style is preppy and classic. You can get her look by wearing school girl uniform inspirations, plaids, peter pan collars, pearl necklaces and knee-high socks. One of her signature accessories are headbands.

In the episode “All About My Brother” she wore a red and white striped ribbon headband with a double bow on the side. I recreated this headband and it was easier than you can imagine. The first step is to make ribbon loops; you can use fabric glue or your sewing machine. For this headband I did a 4″ and a 5″ loop and then I sew it in the center. Then put one on top of the other and wrap another loop around them and glue it (or sew it) at the bottom. For the headband I used a 17″ piece of ribbon, but I recommend you measure your head before you cut it, otherwise you take the risk of having a headband too tight or too loose. Attach a 3″ of elastic to the two ends and glue the bow you made before on the side of it. Just wear it with the right outfit and you’ll get the look of Blair Waldorf.