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DIY: Multicolor Lettered Clutch

I’m sure you’ve seen the graphic clutches on the runway the last couple of seasons, with everything from patches to embroidered letters. Now you can make your own.

Watch the video to see how to make it and scroll down for more detailed instructions.


What you’ll need:

A Clutch/ Flat bag


Iron On Letters like these


Tip: Use a teflon sheet or cotton cloth to cover the letters when you iron them.

Step 1: Color in the letters. This step is optional. I just wanted something more personalized. You can even dye them for a more uniform color.

Step 2: Place the letters how you want them.

Step 3: Covering the letters with a cotton cloth or teflon sheet, iron in sections, holding the iron down for 20 seconds at a time. Repeat if necessary.

Go on now, flaunt your new clutch.

DIY: Beaded Trim Pastel Clutch

Looking for the perfect accessory for that party this spring? Make a basic clutch bloom with a little floral beaded trim! This pastel purse is great for a garden wedding, bridal shower, or any garden party! DSC_0290

What You’ll Need:

Plain Clutch

5/8” Sequin Flower



 DSC_02931- Take your sequin trim and measure from the end of one side of the clutch to the other. Cut to size.

DSC_0300 2- Glue trim down.

DSC_03023- Add around row of trim above the one you just glued down. Glue down and let dry.


Bookish DIY Roundup

Books are a wonderful way to escape from the mundane, dive into a new adventure, and ultimately spark creativity. We hope that the creative spark from reading will ignite you to make the DIYs below that are either inspired-by, made from or used for books!
Wallpaper Covered Books from A Merry Mishap

Do you love cohesion in your home decor? Wrap your hardcover books in wallpaper a la A Merry Mishap to give them a harmonious vibe!

Sweet Paul Book Shelf

If there’s a vintage book that’s beyond repair, make it into a shelf with this fabulous tutorial from Sweet Paul Magazine!

Clutch Made from a Book from Wishes at 11:11

Take your favorite book with you wherever you go with this Book Cover Clutch from Caroline Womack!

Book Planter from Wednesday Custom Design

Go green with this cool Succulent Book Planter from Wednesday Custom Design! Succulents are a great choice for beginning gardeners because they don’t need much maintenance or watering!!

Book Binding 101 from Design Sponge

If you prefer not to DIY using books, you can always DIY your OWN books with this tutorial from Design Sponge!

So which book-themed DIY will YOU be making this weekend? Stay tuned because we will be showcasing our own bookish DIY this Tuesday!

DIY: Bejeweled Holiday Clutch

New Year’s Eve is the time for glitz and glam, and this year we’re pulling out all of the stops with a DIY accessory that’s sure to garner some attention. We’re making a bejeweled golden Holiday Clutch that’s perfect for that VIP New Year’s Eve party!

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch from M&J Trimming

What You’ll Need:

Antiqued 12mm X 10mm Rectangle With Setting

Antiqued 10MM X 6MM Pear With Setting

10mm X 5mm Navette Rhinestone with Setting 

10mm X 6mm Pear Rhinestone with Setting

10mm X 8mm Swarovski Crystal Oval Rhinestone with Setting

8mm X 6mm Oval Rhinestone with Setting

2” Large Rhinestone Leaf Trim


Glue Applicator Syringe



Cutting Rhinestone Trim M&J Trimming

1. Cut three sets of two leaves and one circle out of the rhinestone trim.

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch from M&J Trimming

2. Glue down each set so that they are mirroring each other. TIP: Use the applicator syringe so the glue does not get messy.

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch Sew-Ons from M&J Trimming

3. Create a colorful pattern with your sew-ons. Make sure that the pattern on one side matches the one on the other.

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch Rhinestone Sew-On from M&J Trimming

4. Glue the sew-ons down using that same syringe.

Bejeweled Holiday Clutch Rhinestone Sew-On from M&J Trimming

5. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

Final Bejeweled Holiday Clutch

After the glue has set, your stunning holiday clutch is ready to follow you wherever the night takes you!

Clutch DIY Roundup

Clutches are a stylish and simple choice for those who want a no-fuss bag which only holds a few select items. They’re also one of the easiest options to DIY. Here are some of our favorite ways to make this perfect evening bag!
Transparent Clutch from A Pair and A Spare

Leather Clutch from a Pair and a Spare

A Pair and a Spare created these two very different, but very cute clutches. The top transparent clutch gives off a futuristic minimalist vibe, while the plain leather clutch makes a classic statement. Which do YOU prefer?

Clutch Revamp from McKenzie Renae

Have an old clutch that needs new life? All you need is some paint (preferably gold) and tape, and you’re good to go!

Kenzo-Inspired Clutch from Adventures in Fashion

This modern Kenzo-inspired design from Adventures in Fashion is perfect for a girl who wants to make a stylish statement!

Alexander McQueen-Inspired Clutch from Salute to Cute

Salute to Cute made an adorable clutch using a sunglasses case! And those connected rings make for such a unique handle!

Clutches are the perfect alternative to a big bulky bag for a fun night out, and they’re so easy to DIY! If you loved these suggestions, stay tuned to our blog for a DIY that’s perfect for the biggest night out of the year: New Year’s Eve!

DIY Rhinestone Clear Minaudière


Clear clutches and minaudières have been a part of many street-style pics in recent fashion weeks, so we knew that it was the perfect time to DIY one of our own.  Our rhinestones were the first product we gravitated towards in order to add the right amount of holiday sparkle.


Clear case

Assortment of rhinestones and jewels

Frog closure

Gem glue


1.  Place the rhinestones on the cover of your case in the pattern you want.  Make sure the opening of your case is on the top.


2.  Add glue to the back of each rhinestone and place onto the cover.


3.  Once you are finished gluing rhinestones onto the cover, let this dry for an hour.


4.  Add rhinestones onto one side of the case.  Make sure to only glue gems on the side of the back of the case and not the front so that you don’t glue the case shut, as depicted.  Let this dry for an hour and do the other side of the case.


5.  Now it’s time to add your frog to the opening hook of your case!  Your frog comes in 2 parts.  The part of the frog with the loop gets glued at the opening portion of the back of the case.  The part of the frog with the ball gets glued onto the front cover with rhinestones, as depicted.


6.  Let the whole case dry overnight and you’ve created a minaudière that will add enough glitz and glamour to any holiday outfit!



Top 5 DIY Minaudières

For all of our upcoming holiday parties, the last thing we want to carry around is a massive tote bag on our shoulders.  A minaudière allows you to carry your essentials while looking completely chic.  Here are some of our favorite DIY versions:

DIY Rose Gold Minaudière via Stripes and Sequins


DIY Hand Cuff Minaudière via Matter of Style


DIY Book Minaudière via Runway DIY


DIY Minaudière via HonestlyWTF


DIY Cookie Box Minaudière via Trinkets in Bloom


DIY Feather Clutch

A while ago we shared our Carnival inspiration with you, and ever since we’ve been dreaming of fun feather trims and shiny sequins. We wanted to make a DIY incorporating some of our incredible feather trims, so we created this lovely feather clutch that would be perfect for a night on the town. It’s very simple, but the final result is oh-so-chic! Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Supplies: a clutch or makeup bag, scissors, E6000 glue, 2 yds feather fringe, 2 ft sequin trim

The exact feather trim we used is item #30865 (in Spruce), and the exact sequin trim is item #54829. Both trims are available by contacting customer service at 1-800-9-MJTRIM or info@mjtrim.com.

1. Measure out the feather trim so it wraps around the clutch once (both the front and the back). Cut one piece to this length. Cut two more pieces that are the same length, so you have three pieces of trim that will wrap all the way around the clutch.

2. Lay the feather trim down on the clutch so the feathers are hanging over the bottom of the clutch a bit. Then use the glue to slowly glue the trim in place, section by section. Glue it all the way around the clutch and trim any excess feathers.

3. Add another layer of feather trim on top, so it covers up the top of the first layer of fringe. Glue it in place, all the way around the clutch.

4. Add the top and final layer of feathers at the very top of the clutch. Glue it all the way around and let dry. 

5. To add some extra pizzaz, glue down your sequin trim at the top of the clutch. Let it dry then you’re all done!

Top 5 DIY Jeweled Clutches



With the abundance of jewels in our store right now, we’ve been thinking about making a lovely jeweled clutch. So naturally we looked to our favorite DIY blogs for inspiration and found a few amazing DIY jeweled clutches. Check out our top 5 below! Which one is your favorite?

DIY Jeweled Clutch by Cupcakes and Cashmere



DIY Bejewelled Clutch by Because She Started Knitting


DIY McQueen Statement Clutch by Syl and Sam


DIY Embellished Clutch by College Fashion

DIY Bright Embellished Clutch by Crimenes de la Moda