M&J Trimming Bridal Salon Opening, Featuring Magnolia Bakery



Save the date!  M&J Trimming is officially opening our new Bridal Salon to the public.  The opening is scheduled for June 1st from 11am – 6pm.  Come join us and Magnolia Bakery for cupcake tasting and custom veil and glove viewing.  

On this big day, you’ll meet our Bridal Specialist, Bethany.  Don’t forget the delicious cupcake tasting and wedding dessert ideas by NYC’s most popular Magnolia Bakery.  We look forward to seeing you there.  


You're Cordially Invite To The Wedding Showcase!

Are you going to be in New York City in March and April?  Well, then mark your calendar and visit us at New York City’s most luxurious Wedding Salon and the New York Weddings Showcase.  It’ll be an event you’ll definitely find enjoyable especially if when you’re in the process of planning a wedding. 

Wedding Salon – New York, NY
Show date: Monday March 23, 2009
Show hours: 3pm to 8pm
Venue: Gotham Hall
Address: 1356 Broadway – New York, NY 10018

New York Weddings Showcase – New York, NY
Show date: Monday April 1, 2009
Show hours: 5pm to 8pm
Venue: Metropolitan Pavilian
Address: 125 West 18th Street

 For more details call 1-800-965-8008 ext 308


Magnetic Save The Date Cards!

By Kristin


You just got engaged, congratulations!  Now time for some fun and planning your big day, but not before picking the date.  Once you have your special day picked out, make sure your guests will know far enough in advance to save the date.  Save the date cards are important to remind your guests so that you can work on the invitations and send out final details later.  This is a great time to express who you are as a couple, fun and quirky or romantic and serious?  Use these traits to personalize your card. 

 My brother used a really neat trick to make his cards for his San Diego wedding, refrigerator magnets!  You can pick up magnet business cards from any office supply store (I suggest Avery brand #8374, you get 30 for $12).  You can make a simple card that states the date with the bride and groom’s name.  If you are really creative you can use a photo editing program to make a custom design using an engagement photo or make a monogram to put on the card.

So how does M&J factor into this?  Try embellishing the magnet with a simple ribbon loop at the top, some new refrigerators won’t let a magnet stick, and some people just don’t like magnets on their refrigerators (like my mother).  The loop will allow them tack it on a cork board for safe keeping.  Make a little loop at the top and glue it down with some e6000 glue, add an SS20 rhinestone for that ‘Bridal Bling’ and you are done.  They are a super easy project that can save you a little money in the long run.

The magnets are light enough that one postage stamp should suffice, but just to be safe, take one to the post office and have it weighed.  While there be sure to check out their wedding stamps that they offer every year.  Congrats, and have fun planning!

Bridal Wedding Veil

By Kristin


The tradition of the veil on a bride has many back-stories.  Some say it started in ancient Rome to confuse the evil spirits who may try to steal her away from the groom.  Some say it was to disguise the bride before the wedding of an arranged marriage, this way if he saw something he didn’t like he wouldn’t run away.  It is also said that the lifting of the blusher veil is so the groom knows he is marrying the right woman.  There are so many variations on the story, but today the veil is more an accessory to the gown.

 My best friend recently got engaged and has put me in charge of making her wedding gown and veil.  As her Maid-of-Honor it is my duty to see what would look best on her and work with her taste.  I know she likes lace, being a pretty traditional girl, so that’s what I went with.  Looking in various bridal stores I noticed how expensive beautiful lace edged veils can be!  They can be anywhere as much as $300 on up!  So I’m going to describe how I made a beautiful antique looking lace veil that my friend could use on her big day without the big price tag.


Materials Used:

Note: I chose a length a little longer than the fingertip.  It is double layered with the top layer being about 8″ shorter than the under-layer.  Choose a length that works for you, I’m going to give directions for fingertip length though. 



  1. Measure the length from where you want the veil to start, to your knee.
  2. Fold the tulle in half and use the folded edge as the top of the veil (where the comb will be sewn).  Fold this piece in half length wise.  From the top of the folded edge (comb edge) measure the length you used for the head to knee.
  3. Mark with pins a quarter oval.  Make it a little wider at the top than the bottom to give it a more full look.  When you are happy with the shape, cut it out.
  4. Unfold the piece (leave the top and bottom layers folded together) so you now have a half oval shape.  Take the top layer and mark with pins about 8″-10″ up from the edge.  Cut it shorter but still keep the shape of the bottom layer.
  5. Now the fun begins, you get to glue on the lace!  This will take patience and time, it cannot be rushed!  You can also opt to sew the lace on with a machine.  Line the edge of the scallop up with the edge of the tulle and pin in place if sewing, pin it as you glue otherwise.
  6. Once you have the lace attached (and it has dried overnight) you can set the pearls or rhinestones (or both if you so choose).
  7. If you used a scalloped edge lace as I have, be sure to cut the excess tulle from the scallops for a cleaner look.

 The nice thing about the veil is that you can choose to use lace as I did here, leave the tulle plain (like I did for my own wedding), use rattail cord (1mm or 2mm), beaded trims, or a thin ribbon edge.  You can personalize your veil to match your dress and it won’t cost a fortune.

Unity Candles

By Kristin


My husband and I were originally not going to use unity candles, but I thought it would be a nice thing to incorporate into our short ceremony.  Unity candles are used to represent the love of the two families for the Bride and Groom coming together as one happy family.  Usually there are two taper candles and one pillar.  The parents of the bride and groom light the tapers and in turn the bride and groom light the pillar candle with the tapers making the union complete. 

I used a pretty taffeta ribbon that has a great sheen to it and accented with a coordinating rhinestone button.  You can pick any ribbon/button combo you like, I just happen to love purple colors, so that’s what I used here.

Note:  Before you look into having a unity candle, be sure to ask your venue if you can have live flames from candles.  Some places will not allow them.


Materials Used:



Wrap the ribbon around the pillar candle and tie into a bow.  Sew the rhinestone button to the middle of the knot.  The same technique can be used for the taper candles as well, the rhinestone button can be left off the tapers and just a simple small bow tied towards the bottom.

Flower Girl Dress & Basket

By Kristin

Using silk ribbons, it’s so easy to match the flower girl’s dress to the flower basket.  Rhinestone buttons can be added to give it that extra elegant finish.  This is a great idea for brides who are looking for something easy yet still beautiful for her flower girl.  You can choose silk ribbon colors that match with your wedding theme.  All you have to do is tie the bow onto the dress and stitch the ribbon onto the wedding basket.  Then finish it off with a glistening Swarovski rhinestone button and you’re all finish.

M&J Trimming Featured In Martha Stewart Wedding Fall 2008


Silk flower and midori ribbon featured in Martha Stewart Wedding Fall 2008

Silk Rose (Left):  Sea Foam #31907

Silk Rose (Right):  Sage Green #31905

Midori Double Fact Satin Ribbon:  Sea Foam #37307



23MM MESH TUBE RIBBON #36878.  Call 1.800.9.MJTRIM to order or for more information on availabe colors.

White Pearls #11825



16MM Imported Double Face Satin Box Pleated # 33564


Bridal Money Bag

By Kristin

Money Bag

“Twenty- Thirty-grand. In small bills, cash. In that little silk purse.
Maron, if this was someone else’s wedding, sweet tonato!” – Godfather

Maybe you remember that line, maybe you don’t. Either way, it applies to this week’s bridal blog. While you are making your rounds talking to your guests at the reception, they are bound to hand you an envelope with a beautifully written card and sometimes a monetary gift inside. A money bag or money purse is a great way to hold those envelopes as you go table to table. It will make giving hugs, kisses, and handshakes easier as the cards get more numerous. When you are done greeting your guests, simply hand the bag to your Maid-of-Honor, Best Man, or parents to hold onto. At the end of the night they can then take that home with the other gifts for you.

The money purse is also a lot safer than a card box in that you don’t need to worry about a catering hall employee or party crasher stealing the cards. While you wouldn’t think on your happiest of days, nothing like that could possibly happen, it unfortunately can. Make sure you also inquire about wedding insurance, it helps for more things than just your location getting rained out or band not showing. Try Wed Safe at www.wedsafe.com

While researching a money purse for my own wedding, I was disappointed in the styles to choose from, all were very boring and too traditional for my more modern affair. I ended up not making one due to time constraints (I was still working on making my dress). I decided instead, to show you one based on a design for my friend and her San Diego beach side wedding.


Note:  Items can also be ordered by phone.  1.800.9.MJTRIM ext 377

  • 16″ of ½” grosgrain ribbon (item #34377 in cream featured)
  • 1 yd.  25mm imported organdy ribbon in Lt. Beige
  • Button/tassel appliqué (item # 36930)
  • 16″ of 1″ heavy apron tape in natural
  • 1 piece 8 ½” x 22″ medium weight non-transparent silk blend fabric in a natural/champagne color
  • 1 yd 2mm imported rayon twist cord in off white or antique
  • Scissors, sewing machine, needle, cream/natural colored thread, straight pins, large safety pin



  1. Use a sheet of 8 ½ x 11″ paper as a stencil and trace 2 rectangles on your fabric. Cut out and lay on top of each other.  Pin one 11″ side together and hem a ¼” inseam, backstitching at both ends.  Open and press.
  2. With the wrong side up, pin down the twill tape about 2″ down from one of the newly created 16″ sides (this will be the top).  Hem along both edges.  This will later be used as a tunnel for your drawstring cord.
  3. With the right side facing up, pin down your cream grosgrain ribbon and hem along both edges.  This piece is purely aesthetic. 
  4. With right side facing up, pin organdy ribbon across widthwise and over where your twill tape is hemmed.  This two is purely aesthetic but also will hide your twill tape if your fabric happens to be slightly transparent.  Set aside the remainder of this ribbon for later.
  5. Fold fabric in half so your first hem remains unfolded.  Pin the bottom and other side edges together and hem.  On the second side hem stop and backstitch ¼ ” into the area where the twill tape and organdy ribbon meet.  Restart hem ½ ” from there and continue to the end.  Remember to backstitch each time you begin or finish a hem.
  6. Tie a knot at both ends of your twist cord to prevent fraying.  Pin your safety pin into on knot and use it to jimmy your cord through the tunnel you created earlier with the twill tape.
  7. Turn bag inside out and press hems.  Tie a bow with the remainder of your organdy ribbon and hand sew onto the center of one side of your stitched on organdy ribbon.  Hand sew button tassel appliqué on top of bow. 
  8. You are done!